Tell Portland’s City Council ‘NO’ to a Water Filtration Plant and ‘YES’ to a Natural Ultraviolet Solution

​The Portland Water Bureau (PWB) is rapidly pushing forward with a water filtration facility that adds chemicals to our water source and will cost over 1.85 Billion dollars thus dramatically increasing your water bill.

The current plan will add 9 chemicals to our water source, and includes taking rural land from Multnomah County families. A better solution is readily available. A cost effective system cities like San Francisco, and New York currently have in place to ensure safe water. It is UV Filtration and it can be installed at the headwaters of Bull Run for a fraction of the cost of the filtration plant.

Yes, the City of Portland has an alternative on the table: a solution that WONT skyrocket your water rates projected as much as 300%!

The last vote for the filtration plant was taken in 2017, and except for Mayor Ted Wheeler none of the 4 current council members were in office at the time. THEY DID NOT PARTICIPATE IN THE ORIGINAL VOTE.

Let City Council know you expect them to stop the permit process to build a wasteful and unnecessary 1.85 billon dollar filtration plant, and ask your family, friends and neighbors to help too.

You can also learn more about why you should oppose the filtration plant at bullrunwaterguardians, and we encourage you to donate to the current lawsuit with the Land Use Board of Appeals.

Portland Water Bureau Filtration Plant

Dear Mayor and Commissioners,

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