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Livability, safety and a prosperous future doesn’t have party lines.  Our government in Oregon has been unaccountable for far too long. As Portland wakes, the state of Oregon will change. Citizens connecting and taking part in their governing is the most important aspect of creating a flourishing city. We enhance the knowledge of Portlanders through truth telling, education and teaching civic engagement that fosters connection and uplifts residents and businesses.

Challenges in Oregon to overcome:

  • Community members that desire change are disconnected from one another.
  • Citizens don’t currently have the tools or knowledge in order to interact with a complicated, layered government.
  • The public doesn’t know who, what, when or where about their governing body.
  • Information isn’t reaching citizens until measures, bills or laws are ready to be voted upon.
  • Rampant apathy in personal ability to make change.
  • Uneducated voters, who don’t know who or why to vote for initiatives or candidates.
  • Lack of fluency in discussing issues with people of opposing views.

Our channels and stories encourage, inspire and educate people how to advocate for themselves, be a voice in their community and develop skills in changing trajectory and status quo.  Donate Today!

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DJ Guild grew up in east Multnomah County and went to Gresham High School. He was a rebellious teen and found himself in regular trouble. He credits law enforcement and consequences that eventually led him into recovery as a juvenile in March of 1987. DJ’s sobriety and commitment to excellence has allowed him opportunities in business, travel, learning, and mentoring others. DJ values liberty above all else. He is an avid reader, and often draws distinctions in our challenges today from lessons in early history while our country was being formed. Ironically as our first financial supporter, DJ doesn’t follow us or anyone on social media but he sees the value of our work and messaging. (He watches our content sporadically on his wife Debbie’s phone.) We are lucky to call he and his family our friends.

Flo Merlo

Raised in Northeast Portland, Flo Newton Merlo built an impressive career in the aviation field providing support and maintenance of private aircrafts. She is also one of Portland Business Journal’s Women of Influence, but that doesn’t get to the heart of why we adore her. Flo developed her professional and personal reputation by focusing on service to others. Her sincerity and kindness shine through, and we are grateful she has been a strong cheerleader of our work. Like many of us, Flo has been disappointed and concerned with Portland’s ceaseless deterioration and is looking for fresh ideas that will make an impact. She watches PDX Real every day and she feels like we do: it is important to have conversations, reveal the truth about what is happening, and advocate for changes in policy.


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roman market

Fatima Magomadova fled the Russian republic of Chechnya over 25 years ago. She knows what it is like to live in a war zone with bullets whizzing past her head, and she understands how corruption, power and greed can root into the fabric of a community and cause harm. In contrast, she also understands the power of strong community and its power to enrich the human spirit and families and relationships.  Fatima is a generous matriarch in the Slavic Community, and she uses her success to propel and motivate others for betterment.  She innately understands we are all connected.  Her portfolio of hard work and businesses she operates includes Kinetic Healthcare and Wellness Center in SE Portland and Roman Russian Market off Division where her staff includes refugees she hosts from Ukraine who have a similar story to her own. Fatima is a bold leader in the community and has been outspoken about PBOT’s concrete medians on Division and their impact on business, safety and community.  She is the kind of person you want on your team when you need something done or when the *$it hits the fan.

penchant & co design

Kat grew up in Portland and studied Fine Art at University of Oregon. In 2017 she moved abroad living in both Guatemala and Spain. After returning to Portland in 2020, she bought her first home in Montavilla. Kat considers herself a lifelong progressive, and started to have concerns about city policies that harmed residents and incentivized declining livability of her hometown. Her boyfriend Steve started following PDX Real, and Kat reached out and offered her graphic design expertise to the cause. Kat’s talented eye and attention to detail is infused into this very website. Often our graphics and events have her touch too.

contribution superstars & friends of distinction

Julie McConnell

Portland Resident & Volunteer

Richard Cheverton

Portland Dissent

Betsy Johnson

Former Oregon State Senator

John DiLorenzo Jr.

Attorney & Partner at Davis, Wright, Tremaine

Jim Pasero

Oregon Transformation Newsletter

Cindy Fincher

Oregon Citizen