Start learning more about your local government, so you can get involved!

The City of Portland’s Responsibilities Include:

  • Water Bureau and Sewage
  • Streets, Street Lights, and Sidewalks
  • City Parks
  • Building Permits & Land Use
  • Emergency Services
  • Police, Fire & Emergency Services
  • 911 & Non-Emergency (BOEC)
  • Street lights

Think of the city as infrastructure. Some elected officials in the city include the mayor, city councilors, the city auditor. If you have a question for the city, 311 is a great resource 7 days a week. You can also visit the city’s website at

The City of Portland Resources

Report illegal camping and/or campsite trash. 

  1. Campsite Report on PDX Reporter:
  1. Call 3-1-1 or (503) 823-4000

Look up campsite reports by location, “Impact Reduction Program”

City Councilors and Mayor

Testify at city council Wednesday mornings starting at 9:30am or regarding an agenda item.

City Council general testimony must be scheduled in advance.

City public records requests

Multnomah County’s Responsibilities Include:

  • Human services & Disability
  • Shelters
  • Mental Health
  • Detox
  • Courthouse
  • Corrections (Jail)
  • Prosecution
  • Joint office of Homeless Services (JOHS)
  • Elections
  • Animal Services
  • Veteran Services

Think of the county as people (and pet) services. Some of elected positions in the county include the county chair, the county commissioners, the county auditor, the sheriff and the district attorney. You can visit Multnomah counties website at

Multnomah County’s Resources

County Councilors and County Chair

Testify at County Thursday mornings starting at 9:00am or regarding an agenda item.

You can walk in and testify at the county at 9am on Thursdays without a reservation.

County public records requests

Criminal Justice

Look up inmates in custody in the last 7 days

Look up criminal records by name

            The legislature voted to limit the release of mugshots starting in January of 2021

Oregon State Resources

Oregon Legislature

We encourage you to know who represents you in the Oregon Legislature and in Congress.  Find your legislators here.

Ask for a meeting, write them often and tell them what is important to you!

Secretary of State

Campaign Finance and Political Action Committees (PAC)

Did you know every single donation and expenditure by name and PAC for elected officials campaigns with the secretary of state.  Look up by name here.

Report Misuse of State Government Resources here

Send us a copy so we can help with accountability.

Did you know Oregon has a Whistleblower Law and also complaints are bound to confidentiality?  Public employees are protected from discrimination, dismissal, demotion, transfer, or disciplinary action under ORS  ORS 659A.199