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Incumbent @tootiesmithfororegon and Crooked Craig Roberts will advance into the November election to determine the winner.  Oops I guess it is apparent what I think. I spoke about Craig’s record a few weeks ago on the feed.  That link is in comments.  Copy+screen shot and the url link should work for you if you haven’t seen it. #themoreyouknow #clackamascounty #orpol
Volunteers needed in the Eugene area! Our heart goes out to this family and many who look for their lost loved ones… a personal message from Michael’s family: “If anyone has time on their hands and would like to help in anyway, we could definitely use help posting more flyers around! Specifically Cottage Grove, Eugene, Springfield, Creswell. Up at the top of this page if you go to files you can print the flyers. Thank you so much everyone for helping keep our son Michael’s face and name up front and center! We need answers and we want justice! Thank you all so very much! Love The Bryson Family 💜🙏”. Special thanks to @iamsomeonesperson for notifying us.  As a reminder PDX Real shares missing persons when requested. And last, as always please share in your stories!
Just after 5pm last night, positive election projections dropped for Clackamas County Chair Tootie Smith. #orpol #clackamascounty #tootiesmith #votebeforetolls
Just after 5pm last night, positive election projections dropped for Clackamas County Chair Tootie Smith. #orpol
Hell yes!  We did it.  @voteforvasquez
Have you looked at Mike Schmidt’s endorsements and do you know the backstory to these politicians and activists? I picked a handful to feature. Here is the scoop.
Vote!  As of Saturday voter turnout is at a record low at 13%. If you have questions on your ballot I am answering questions about Multnomah, Clackamas, Washington, Marion and Deschutes Counties.  @juliabrimedwards @voteforvasquez @willlathrop @d4linthicum @jessiebburke @votevadim @vincejonesdixon @tootiesmithfororegon @amynichols2024 @irvinefororegon
Breaking news!  More information this evening on the Jesse Calhoun case the mainstream media and prosecutors office aren’t yet reporting. There will be more indictments to come.  Not just Kristin Smith and Ashley Real as many suspect, but prosecutors plan to add 2-3 more women.  We will release these names after speaking with the families - but I will say these were missing personal we covered her previously whose bodies have not been found. #portlandserialkiller #humantrafficking #serialkiller #jessecalhoun #portlandcrime
Mike Schmidt said the quiet part outloud. He plans to retaliate against Nathan Vasquez and his supporters in if he wins his reelection.  @voteforvasquez #damikeschmidt #schmidtshow
Jesse Calhoun’s grand jury will shortly commence and be announced this week for the murder of multiple women in Portland whose bodies were dumped in wooded areas. District Attorney Mike Schmidt is playing politics. Here’s information you’re not gonna hear anywhere else.
Vote for Nathan Vasquez for District Attorney Multnomah County. Best comment wins! @voteforvasquez image from
I am thankful today for the women of this community and how they have allowed me to grow. Your light has a proud impact in the fabric of this community. I see you. Happy Mothers Day. #portlandia
We need to hold our county, city and legislative representatives responsible.  If they can’t create change instead of talking points we vote them out!  #portlandia
Need help on your ballot to learn about candidates - who to vote for and why?  Send me a private message with your county.  #votevotevote #portlandia
Did you see the Aurora Borealis last night over the Portland sky?  The photo caught from Goose Hollow.
Off the record conversations are on my last nerve.  I got two so far today. #portlandia
District attorney Mike Schmidt is turning to slander by aligning me and others with former President Trump, because he can’t win with his job performance. Why this tactic? Because the polls he and his challenger paid thousands to conduct months ago indicated 1) Mike had a bad approval rating and 2) the majority of voters in Multnomah County didn’t want to associate with anything Republican. 
So Mike takes a non-partisan race and announces he is Democrat.  Nathan is too. Mike hints Nathan is a Republican and is a Trump supporter. This fear is so potent, Nathan’s advisors have kept him from any events or presentations at events they feel are too conservative or right winged.)

Our local political campaign and political action system is infused with millions of dollars a year.  I made the Mike threat list in spite of a shoe string budget and my own labor mixed with a few key volunteers and community story submissions.  We have done something unheard of, our circulation on our social channels exceeds nearly every single news source in the state of Oregon.  I am proud of the impact we are making with virtually no financial resources. Imagine what we could do together with more donations.  Never underestimate a woman who advocates for herself and her community.
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If you’d like to challenge the incumbent judges on your ballot that are running unchallenged here’s a list of attorneys to write in for the Oregon state of appeals and the Oregon Supreme Court. Special things to Tony and @oregonfirearms for providing the list.
A great grass roots flyer on Hawthorne spotted today. Vote NO on METROs request for money for the Zoo!
Do you know the difference between a primary and general election or do you have general questions about elections in Oregon?  In stories daily here on Instagram I answer questions, share exclusive content and share viewer messages and feedback.  I’d love to have you part of our story community. My inbox is always open to you. #orpol #votevotevote
I’ve been under the impression for some time that incumbent judges had to receive a specific amount of votes to retain their elected positions. I was wrong. I called the Multnomah’s County Elections office today for clarity and unfortunately found out this just isn’t true. 
Why are judges running unopposed on your ballot?  As I understand it from insiders in the judicial system, often qualified attorneys don’t run for the judge positions against incumbents because it requires a lot of money and campaign prowess to unseat the incumbent, and more importantly if they were to lose their election (likely) they would find themselves in the judges courtroom presenting cases after their campaign loss.

Kate brown appointed more judges than any Governor in our history combined. 
What can we do as citizens? We must have people run for these positions and support them with our voice and campaigns.  If you are thinking of running for a judge position in Multnomah County to oppose the status quo, I would like to hear from you and help. 
Additionally our legislature has the power to change the Governor’s ability to appoint judges. This is yet another reason we need to support, campaign and vote for legislators who want to create balance in the legislature. #orpol #multnomahcountycourthouse #oregonjudgesyou
This list of county commission candidates will fight for us to have metrics and accountability within Multnomah County.  This election cycle typically has a 37% turnout so your vote really matters spread the word and share this post. @votevadim @jessiebburke @juliabrimedwards @vincejonesdixon #multnomahcounty #orpol #portlandia #wtfportland