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Exactly a year ago today, we held a press conference for Portland businesses and citizens impacted by livability issues at Urbanite. 100 people attended and it is a special memory for us.

Angela Todd Jeff Church PDX Real

This last year has been a roller coaster ride of hope, fear, tears, laughs, and growth. We look forward to the new frontier and the places we will go together.

PDX Real is the new media, or as Richard Cheverton from Portland Dissent says, “pirate media”. Jeff and I are proudly breaking news backed by citizens from all corners of our community. Our followers are part of the unfolding story who provide video, photos, street talk, inside whistleblower secrets, and a ever growing community who helps crowd source research and investigations. We aren’t bound by corporate conglomerates who tell us what we can and can’t talk about, and we aren’t sold out by back door special interests. We put light in dark places. We know our governing needs accountability and we encourage you to get involved in your improving your own community.

PDX Real now has over 160k followers on our platforms.  It is impressive growth when you realize exactly a year ago we were well under 7500 followers total.

You can support our local stories and our (mostly) volunteer hours by donating (one-time or sometimes) or subscribing with a monthly pledge here. Thank you for being here and we look forward to more in 2024.