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A year ago today

Exactly a year ago today, we held a press conference for Portland businesses and citizens impacted by livability issues at Urbanite. 100 people attended and it is a special memory for us. This last year has been a roller coaster ride of hope, fear, tears, laughs, and growth. We look forward to the new frontier… read more

Election Alert

City of Portland Elections – this November Every city office (Mayor, City Council, and Auditor) will be up for election in 2024. However, this just applies to the 2024 election. For future elections, the seats that are up for election will rotate. Two current city counselors have announced their plans to run for Mayor of… read more

Six “Missing” Women

While the local police department had the audacity to lecture the general population about the supposed lack of connections among six deceased women who have been found since February, this has been released: Kristin Smith: She went missing around the Mall 205/Gateway Transit Center in December of 2022. Her body was discovered off of 138th… read more

OLCC Director Files Lawsuit Against State

Steve Marks, former Executive Director of the Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission (OLCC), is filing a lawsuit against the state and its officers for a breach of legal duties. Marks was forced out by Governor Kotek in January of 2023, reportedly because Marks had been caught up in the OLCC’s high-end whiskey scandal that later… read more

Restorative Justice

There is little doubt that a criminal justice reform philosophy is embedded in Oregon’s governing. Let me provide some examples. Multnomah County isn’t funding corrections as several sections of the jail are closed. DA Mike Schmidt doesn’t advocate for victims or prosecution, and would rather engage in “restorative justice.” Our legislature passes bills such as… read more

Statewide elections are coming!

ELECTIONS COMING! Key State Offices On the Ballot Secretary of State State Treasurer Attorney General All Open Offices for May 21, 2024 Election Oregon Primary May 21, 2024 – Open Offices General Election November 5, 2024 Find Your Legislator Will Lathrop is the first Republican to declare for Oregon’s Attorney General race

An Addict’s Story of Recovery

  As the interviewer for PDX Real Community Engage Reporting, I am committed to providing authentic and unapologetic reporting that highlights the issues that our community needs to hear about, but may not be getting from mainstream media or our governing bodies. Today, we are talking about the ongoing drug epidemic in Portland, specifically the… read more